Alpine Refigeration is excited to launch our new, custom-designed CO2 extraction refrigeration system. Each unit is custom-built for your specific application. They are reliable, efficient and have a temperature accuracy within 0.5°C. Robust construction, custom software control and CSA certification make these environmentally-friendly refrigeration systems unique in the marketplace.

CO2 is not new to refrigeration, but it’s starting to make a successful comeback. It’s use began in the mid-nineteenth century and peaked in the 1920s when chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) dominated due to lower pressure requirements. Meanwhile, use of CO2 continued in some industrial applications.

Recently, there is renewed interest in employing CO2 in refrigeration applications. CO2 is a natural component of our atmosphere, has no ozone depletion potential and insignificant global warming potential. There is no regulatory liability (unlike HFCs), no need to account for the amount used and it does not need to be reclaimed.

Other advantages are: low cost, readily available, not poisonous in an common concentration and non-flammable. CO2 extraction refrigeration systems may be used for water, semiconductors, plastics or any other material that needs to be chilled. Some current application opportunities are: research & development, vending machines, light commercial refrigeration and residential air conditioning.

Give Alpine Refrigeration a call to see if a custom CO2 extraction refrigeration system is right for you.