Ductless mini split systems are widely used in areas such as Europe and Asia, and are rapidly gaining popularity in North America. These flexible systems allow for cool, refreshing air circulation in the summer, and warm heat during the colder months. Ductless splits function to heat and cool your home in a stylish, contemporary manner. Since they don’t require ducts and vents throughout the home, they have a low installation cost than any conventional heating or cooling system.

If your home is an older home, and you’re worried about damaging the integrity of the building or keeping the home in its original condition, ductless splits may be the right choice for you. These units are incredibly efficient, and since they operate on electricity, they have no carbon emissions.

The main advantages of ductless splits are the small size, and the flexibility of application and installation. They can be used for zoning, and for heating or cooling individual rooms. Each zone will have its own thermostat, so you can condition the space when its occupied. This allows for energy saving; when the space isn’t being used, you can simply power the ductless split off.

Choosing the right system for residential or office heating and cooling needs can sometimes seem overwhelming. Alpine Refrigeration can install and design systems that will exceed your requirements and expectations. Ductless splits come in many varieties and styles. Their aesthetic designs range from a sleek picture frame to a notice-me-not thin mount to more robust designs. Regardless of aesthetic choice, each ductless split can heat and cool a large volume cost efficiently.

If you require a custom system, Alpine Refrigeration can design a ductless split system specifically for your needs.

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